Are You Looking for the BEST Nail Salon in Columbus, Ohio?

Looking for the Best Nail Salon in Columbus, Ohio?


Columbus, Ohio is filled with nail salons, from cheap corner salons to high-end salons. So how do you find a nail salon that’s right for you? Looking for the best nail salon can be difficult, time consuming, and even expensive. So, here’s a quick guide for locals to find the best nail salon in Columbus, Ohio.

  1. Check Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

    Social media is a great way to find the best nail salon, you’ll be able to see recent pictures and comments about the salon. The best nail salons will be proud of their work and show it off on their social media profiles. Be sure to check the comments for any negative feedback. Make sure you include “Columbus, Ohio” in your search, or you’ll see results from all over the world. Try searching hashtags such as #columbusohionails #columbusohionailart #columbusohionailsalon and #bestnailsaloncolumbusohio .

    Check out our social media accounts here:

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  2. Check Online reviews

    Google, Yelp and StyleSeat show you feedback from the nail salon’s actual clients. Review sites are brutally honest, so if the nail salon is unsanitary, has bad customer service, or sucks at doing nails, the reviewers will let it be known. Check out some of our reviews here:

    This place was FANTASTIC. I live on the far west side, and it was totally worth it to drive across town.

    Lynette was AWESOME. Everyone was nice on the phone, I made an appointment with no fuss, and my first pedicure ever was performed gently and thoroughly. I will definitely be going back.

    In addition to the awesome service I received, I felt like Lynette was reading my mind when she brought up wedding nails – I was waffling on french since sometimes it’s so blatantly obvious, and she showed me a picture of other wedding nails that she’d done. They were just barely different from the girl’s skin tone, and it looked amazing. I can’t wait to have her do my fingers and toes when I get married!

    Try this place; you won’t be sorry. Especially if you live in the Reynoldsburg area!!!

    Read Our Yelp Reviews Read Our StyleSeat Reviews


  3. Know What You’re Looking For

    What’s most important to you in a salon? Knowing what you want from your nail salon will help make sure your expectations will be met. Are you looking for the cheapest place possible? A place with walk-ins or appointments? Do you prefer a quiet spa like environment, or a more energetic atmosphere? Do you want elaborate nail art? You should answer these questions when deciding which type of nail salon is best for you.

  4. Give them a call

    Once you check out some pics, and reviews and figure out what kind of nail salon is best for you, its time to make some phone calls. Call the salon you think is best for you. This is your chance to ask questions, find our prices and test their customer service skills.

  5. Give them a try

    After you’ve given them a call, go ahead a schedule your appointment. Hopefully the nail salon you’ve chosen lives up to your expectations, if not, start this process over until you find the best nail salon in Columbus, Ohio.

  6. Visit Our Salon

    Our salon offers a great mix of nail art, affordability and cleanliness all in a serene environment. At CHANAIL, we pride ourselves on delivering great customer service and beautiful nails, while keeping your nails healthy and our tools clean. We are your one stop shop for natural nails, acrylic nails, gel polish and nail art. Our flexible schedule can always accommodate you and you’ll always leave feeling pampered. We are the best nail salon in Columbus, Ohio. Come see for yourself!






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