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Best Nail Salon in Columbus Ohio

Committed to Health and Safety During the Corona Virus Outbreak

“Your health and safety is important to me! Thats why I always follow state board rules. I either use bleach or MarVcide (virucidal, fungicidal, tuberculcidal, kills blood borne pathogens, hiv and more) to clean my surfaces and implements. I always use new files, buffers and sanding bands and throw them away after each service. As an additional precaution I’ll be disinfecting all door/ faucet handles, chairs, gel lamps and polish bottles between clients instead of daily. I also have anti bacterial soap for handwashing instead of my usual bath and body works. Health first always! See ya soon


Click the link to visit the Cosmetology Board’s website and read their statement on public health and salon visits during the outbreak

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We Strive to be the Best Nail Salon in Columbus, Ohio

 We’re here to cater to all your nail care needs. Our salon services include manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, nail art and gel polish. We focus on the health of your nails and strive to preserve their strength and encourage growth. We pride ourselves on safe, sanitary nail care and excellent customer service. Schedule your Appointment online with StyleSeat, and be sure to check our New Stuff section frequently for updates on the salon, discounts, cool nail art and new services.

Our salon is located in the heart of Bexley

In order to provide the best quality of service

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  • All Appointments require a deposit of $10.61, this goes towards the cost of your service(s).
  • Deposit is due within 1 hour of scheduling or appointment will be canceled WITH OUT NOTICE
  • Deposit will not be refunded if canceled within 24 hours of scheduled appointment time.

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